Every day there is some new word or phrase that magically seems to pop up in Twitter’s ‘Terms of Service’ that gets many conservatives/right-leaning users either locked and or suspended. But now there’s a word or phrase that is even getting Leftists suspended so you KNOW it has to be one of the worst words ever!

Surely it has to be something so vile, so bigoted, so hateful …



Calling someone Karen will get you suspended on Twitter.


Have we mentioned how stupid everything is?

Welcome to the world of being a conservative in social media.

It’s a plot!

Oh, Karen.


Fine, deep down we take no pleasure in anyone getting suspended on Twitter because we’re not out to silence those we disagree with. Are we taking some small pleasure in knowing even the Left is sometimes dinged for silly things? Yes. Are we laughing at those who are shaking their little blue fists over this? Absolutely. Do we support Twitter suspending someone for using the word, ‘Karen’?



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