Senator Mike Lee came up with a hilariously perfect ‘collective name’ for the rather large group of Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls …


Not only does it hit on the ridiculous number of candidates that have announced, but it’s a little dig at our favorite heritage-stealer, Elizabeth Warren.


Gosh, you’d think by now we’d start feeling sorry for Swalwell but … nope.

Sadly (hilariously?), our good, delicate, fragile, easily-provoked friends on the Left didn’t see the humor in Lee’s tweet.

Yeah, we know, you’re shocked.


You know they’re mad when they start trying to meme and as we’ve said for months (years), the Left just can’t meme.

Because the Left is SO FUNNY.

Oh brother.

Painful, and not because it would hurt any Republican’s feelings. It’s just a really bad attempt at an insult.

So weak this tweep felt the need to respond.


They are just really bad at this.


Proving once more they have NO sense of humor.

It must be exhausting to feel this outraged and angry all of the time.

These people have got to learn to lighten up … just a little.

Or eat more fiber.



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