Vox’s Carlos Maza just keeps on diggin’ that hole he created for himself deeper. We can understand why he’d so desperately want to distance himself from what he did with YouTube but nobody is buying what he’s selling.

He doesn’t get to blame YouTube for the mess he created, no matter how mean those big meanies are.

Getting Steven Crowder demonetized wasn’t enough for Maza. No, he wants him completely gone … so even though he got his way and a lot of people are hurting now, that’s still not enough.

Who died and made this guy God?

Imagine thinking this thread was a good idea.

Look at him desperately trying to blame YouTube and possibly demonetize even more innocent YouTubers.

Nice of him to destroy YouTube for a lot of people and then pretend that it’s a bad place anyway. If it sucks as much as Maza says it does, why did he just not ignore the platform in the first place?

So is Maza really going after YouTube and Crowder and a bunch of other innocent YouTubers because he was picked on as a kid?

Join the club, dude, most of us were picked on for one thing or another. That doesn’t mean as adults we try and destroy livelihoods of those who disagree with us.

Perhaps someone should hold a mirror up for Maza so he can see the things he’s tweeted while debating.

And enough with the ‘hate speech’ which inevitably just turns into ‘people saying things he doesn’t like.’ Twitter is suspending people over calling someone else, ‘Karen’ … how much more censored and limited do things have to be?!

Good gravy.



Would someone please pick up a bunch of the world’s tiniest violins and play them for Maza?


He left sexist out.

Good catch.

Convenient, ain’t it?


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OH no, YOU own this: Carlos Maza tries blaming YouTube for #VoxAdpocalypse but ain’t NOBODY letting him off the hook