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Bless her angry little HEART! Rep. Thomas Massie shuts Molly Jong-Fast DOWN after she 'white knights' for John Kerry

John Kerry got all fussy with Rep. Thomas Massie for making him look really stupid about climate change. Maybe having a Leftist rag like Rolling Stone building him up emboldened him to pick a fight with Massie on Twitter. Or maybe he’s just an insecure man-baby and doesn’t like being reminded of the giant fool we all know him to be.


Maybe both.

Besides, he didn’t tag the good representative so this is really more of a subtweet (was probably also not Kerry but someone he pays to tweet for him but we digress).

We kind of hope this was someone he pays to tweet for him because otherwise, Kerry sounds like a cranky high school girl whose boyfriend just dumped her. And even though Kerry couldn’t be bothered to actually tag Massie, he responded.


We love that Massie not only snarked on Kerry, but took a jab at Al Gore too. It must have been effective because ‘The Bulwark’s’ token liberal, Molly Jong-Fast, tried to dunk on him.


Gosh, is she implying people in the Tea Party aren’t smart enough to attend MIT?

Massie was more than happy to answer her question.



Yet even more compelling than the company is its founder, a young engineering whiz from MIT named Thomas Massie. Over the years, that whiz kid developed many other passions besides building computer interfaces and running a tech company. Things like energy independence. The pursuit of individual liberty. Faith and family. And guns—lots of guns.

After leaving SensAble in 2003 (read on for what he says about that), Massie moved back to the heartland of his home state of Kentucky and spent a few years running a farm and building a solar-powered, off-the-grid house for his family. Then he got into politics. In 2010, he ran for the office of Judge-Executive of his rural county, and won in a landslide.

Molly really set herself up for this one. Wow.


She tried to save face …



So maybe both she and John Kerry should take a seat.


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