Since Dan Bongino is such a giver he shared a tragic case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (Level-7!) with Twitter so people would know the symptoms of those who are just too far gone at this point.


Oh, look, it’s our good friend Amy Siskind. She wasn’t thrilled with Dan using her as an example of a Level-7, which is just what you’d expect from someone this far gone from TDS. It’s truly tragic in a hilarious way.

It’s really not good when they start laughing at themselves.

Just sayin’.

Dan replied:


Oh brother.

She does realize Dan is a former Secret Service Agent, right? What is she gonna do? Tweet a bunch of meaner things at him?

Can you tell how terrified Dan is here? Super scared. We’re surprised he was able to keep tweeting.

OMG our sides.

Who says that on Twitter? ‘I’M COMING FOR YOU.’

Alrighty, crazy-town. Would you pick up a gallon of milk on your way? Thanks.


Let’s just hope Dan doesn’t have any bunnies.


It truly is something to behold.


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