John Kerry fanboying over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal may well be one of the cringiest things we’ve seen in a long time. Sure, he was really just using her to slam Trump and we’d guess Lurch hasn’t actually read the ‘deal’ but still, he mentioned her and said she’s done more than Trump.

Watch … if you can stand it.

Now, we said his comments were the cringiest but actually AOC’s reaction to Kerry’s comments is far cringier.

This editor is doing an awful lot of ‘all over gross-out body shivers.’

Imagine being honored and humbled because a guy like John Kerry said some nice things about you in order to dunk on Trump. He’s literally one of the worst.


It is indeed a source of entertainment.

Seems plenty of AOC’s supporters and Democrats, in general, disagree with her about being so ‘humbled and honored’ that Kerry used her this way.

Like we said, one of the worst.

Womp womp.


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