Dan Bongino penned a letter of ‘support’ for Liberals about heavy taxation and how they should show the evil Right how it’s done by stepping up and voluntarily donating 50% or more of their income to the government.

See for yourself.

Man, what a giver. You can DO IT, Liberals! Just write a check if you’re so supportive of heavy taxation, there’s nothing stopping you. And then when it’s going super rad for you all you can point to your increased taxation and prove us wrong.


Right? Why stop at 50%?

We know they won’t do that because God forbid they spend THEIR money on taxes. No no, they want other people to foot the bill.

It’s the Liberal’s way.

But we thought turning people away was racist or something.

That could work.

And how did our good, delicate friends on the Left react to Dan’s letter?

Ugh, these people.

You know that face you make someone parks RIGHT along the white line in a parking lot next to you? Yeah, just made that face.

Hell, why not?

Oh, they’re happy to RAISE your taxes if given the chance.

Let’s make this happen! Imagine there are little clapping hands emojis in that sentence.


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