Everywhere you look, Democrats are in the media pointing their bony little fingers at Sec. Nielsen pretending she and she alone was responsible for ‘caging children’. Look at the glee on Sen. Mazie Hirono’s face pushing this vile lie and obvious Democratic talking point:

They’re just so gross.

True story.

Benny Johnson finally had ENOUGH and spit some serious FIRE at these liars and the media that gives them a platform to push their garbage.


Look at the picture of Obama’s DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson walking around seemingly unbothered that he’s surrounded by cages filled with kids.

But you know, somehow this was all Nielsen’s doing.

Freakin’ liars.

The media only cares when the story supports THEIR agenda, and right now their agenda is all about hurting Trump.


There are a whole lotta truth-bombs being dropped here and we absolutely agree.

The media think we’re all stupid.

Luckily MOST of us are onto them.

Indeed they do.


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