If you haven’t come across Titania McGrath on Twitter you’re seriously missing out. Next to Sean Spicier, Titania may well be our favorite parody account because there are still so many people who can’t tell that ‘she’ isn’t real.

Don’t take our word for it, check this out.

Izzy noticed …




This tells you just how ridiculous modern-day feminism really has become. You’d think when people can’t tell their belief system from a joke these broads might wake up to how badly they have harmed classical feminism but oh no. It’s all ‘the patriarchy this’ and ‘women can have penises’ that.

Men can have vaginas?


True story, this editor has NO IDEA what they’re pushing these days.

Crazy, right?

Izzy worked herself into becoming a punchline.

And to think, Twitter is still free.

Sidenote: This is Titania’s pinned tweet …

How can you NOT follow that account? Heh.


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