Rep. Eric Swalwell has basically been announcing that he’s running for president in 2020 for the past few months without ever actually making his announcement official. From a coy comment here to a text telling people he’s running BUT NOT TO TELL ANYONE there, Eric has been anything but secretive about his plans.

And nothing says presidential contender like posting your presidential announcement on YouTube and NOT disabling the comments.

What was he THINKING?!

Eric MIGHT want to disable those comments … just sayin’.

But until he gets around to it sit back and enjoy the beauty and hilarity of YouTube commentary.

Well, well, well INDEED.

You’re a mean one …

We want Bernie. EL OH EL.

We suppose Eric could be Beto’s cousin, there is definitely a shared ‘vacant’ look about both of them.

It’s only gotten worse.


In fact, if you’d like to do your part you can actually watch the ad here, vote, and leave a comment.

You know you want to.

It’s already being done.

Oh, and about the ad …

He’s so HIP and edgy.

Have we mentioned how LIT 2020 is gonna be?

PS: At the time of this writing the downvotes are definitely ‘winning’. 


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