Upon hearing the news of Kirstjen Nielsen no longer being DHS Secretary, Sally Kohn couldn’t wait to jump on her proverbial grave in order to slam both Nielsen and Trump.

Sally. Don’t be so mean to Obama, sheesh.

It’s like these people slept for eight years. Seriously. Does Sally really think this has only happened under Trump? It would be embarrassing if it wasn’t so damn annoying.

Quiet you, she’s rolling.

Next thing you know she’ll be telling us the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

This went well.

The issue here isn’t that it’s ok that anyone puts kids in cages or whatever their kneejerk response is when they’re called out on the fact that Obama started this. No, the issue is Lefties were SILENT for years while Obama did this, and now that he’s out of office somehow they care?

Seems rather contrived and convenient, doncha think?


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