You know that feeling you get when you watch something that’s really out there and you think to yourself, ‘What the Hell did I just watch?’

And then you question your own place in this universe?

Just us?


Anyway, this clip that James Woods was good enough to share with the masses is a doozy.


‘Her’ name is lil lunchbox and she has an entire channel of various videos that are somewhat similar to this one where she is ranting about this or that.

And folks, she’s taking frogs and clowns back and there’s nothing anyone can do about it!

Alrighty then. Guess everyone needs a hobby, right?

Imagine having this much free time.

If you spend any time on her YouTube channel it’s pretty clear she is serious.

Or a Hell of an actress.



You could put an eye out!

True story.

Join the club.

James is a giver! Heh.


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