We didn’t think it could get much better than Rep. Eric Swalwell announcing that he’s running for president on YouTube without disabling the comments (whoa boy), but this video tweet of him running up to the camera and making a running joke to promote his appearance on ‘The Colbert Report’ where he ultimately announced that he’s running was something else.

Hey guys, so he’s runnin’ … THREE MORE MILES.

OMG so clever and cheeky.


But hey, he really wanted people to watch him on Colbert last night where he did actually announce he’s running for president. Granted, the guy has basically been announcing it for months now but apparently, that show was the OFFICIAL official announcement.

See? Dude means business.

Even Dean Cain took notice.



*dead again*

Swalwell responded:

Sure dude, challenge Superman to a 5k. That’ll work out great for you.

Have we mentioned 2020 is gonna be lit?!


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