CNBC published a fairly interesting piece about how most successful millionaire CEOs are psychopaths and how that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

From CNBC:

To some degree, all successful entrepreneurs have problems with authority, which is why they are so eager to demolish the status quo and replace it with something else.

To be sure, too much psychopathy will predispose someone to crime and prison rather than Apple or Amazon. But at the other extreme of the continuum, people who are so conforming and eager to please would much rather follow established rules and remain “good employees” rather than be disruptive leaders.

So while a certain degree of nonconformity and unconventionality is needed to drive innovation and entrepreneurship, any leader will need to have a minimum level of integrity, empathy and altruism to be able to connect with and focus on the well-being of their teams, rather than on advancing their own personal agenda.

See what we mean? Basically, they’re saying if you really want to be successful and eff things up you HAVE to be a little out there. Sorta sounds like the job description of a Twitchy editor but we digress.

AOC, of course, used this as some sort of weird slam on evil rich people.

She didn’t read the article.

Oh, and she’s just awful.

It’s almost to the point where making fun of her isn’t funny anymore because her ideas and rhetoric could very well be dangerous. She clearly thinks it’s ok to trash people with mental illness as long as they’re evil and rich …

Just so mean. Wasn’t she just lecturing EVERYONE about talking policy not personal?

To that point, even some of her followers thought this was a tweet too far:

It doesn’t.

Let’s not pretend AOC is actually worried about her constituents though.



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