Larry Elder has called Media Matters out for deliberately misquoting him while doing an interview on Fox & Friends about reparations. We hardly blame him for being ticked off after seeing the headline these disingenuous hacks ran with …


We get it. They’re trying to get people to ‘click’ the story while proving the Right is racist and stuff but c’mon, this is just shameless. You can’t misquote someone in this way and expect NOT to be called out for it. FYI, this editor watched the clip and read the transcript and no, Larry does not say anything about black families being better off as slaves.

It’s good that Larry is trying to get out in front of this because YUP, next thing you know, ThinkProgress or Salon will write a piece about how Larry is a white supremacist or some other such nonsense.

This is their bread and butter.

Certainly seems that way.

And that’s putting it nicely.

At this point, we haven’t seen a retraction and considering it’s Media Matters we don’t expect to see one anytime soon.


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