Unless you live under a rock (and with the way things are going these days who could blame you if you do) you heard about or even watched the repugnant and shameful behavior of Democrats Jerry Nadler and Ted Lieu when they interviewed Candace Owens. Such a disgraceful way not only for grown men to behave, but elected officials no less.

Granted, they are Democrats but still, this was bad even for them.

And speaking of’ bad even for them’, ol’ Ted doubled down on Twitter when he was called out for being a neo-max-zoom-dweebie, and Dave Rubin finally had enough.

Mainstream media … that’s adorable.

Ted responded as you’d expect.

California sure can pick ’em.

Dave fired back.


Notice he couldn’t answer with a yes or no.

This guy …

We really hope this was an intern on Ted’s account but from what we’ve seen in the past this was likely the ‘man’ himself.

Stay classy, Teddy.


Even PragerU chimed in:

In other words, ‘Sit your a*s DOWN.’



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