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'What a FARCE'! American Life League brutally fact-checks Alyssa Milano's claims about new Title X rule and DAAAMN

You know Alyssa Milano means BUSINESS is she posts a video of herself talking about something.

Sorry, we need a moment, we just totally cracked ourselves up.



Ok, back. Our bad.

Anyway, Alyssa had a thing or two to say about Title X. Watch:

Health care is not a human right.

Reproductive health care really isn’t a thing, it’s all just health care unless she’s trying to pretend abortion is care, which is what she’s probably trying to do here. Oh, and gosh, since she stands against the ‘attack’ on something that doesn’t really exist we suppose we should start taking her more seriously now.

Ok, we might need another moment.

Thank GOODNESS for American Life League who could adequately shut her down without going into complete hysterics laughing.


This reminds us of when the Left pretends the Right doesn’t want people to use birth control. So dumb. PLEASE, if you’re going to have sex use birth control. Now, not wanting to be responsible to pay for someone else’s birth control is something very different.


Nice try but …

Womp womp.


Alyssa is usually confused so we’re not entirely surprised that she’s confusing two things here.

What he said.

Every time.

True story.


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