Slate doesn’t seem all that thrilled that Robert Francis O’Rourke is running for president.

Sorry, BETO.

Maybe they’ve figured out that having 20+ candidates on the Democratic side isn’t exactly a winning strategy? Or maybe it’s because he’s just an evil white dude or something.

Our money is on him being a white dude.

From Slate:

Beto is missing one important thing, though: an actual reason to run.

O’Rourke would enter the race as a man without a clear political ideology, a signature legislative achievement, a major policy issue, or a concrete agenda for the country. Those in the know tell the Atlantic that Beto is planning to run as a candidate “offering hope that America can be better than its current partisan and hate-filled politics, and that the country can come together,” but that—brace yourself—he hasn’t yet “landed on how he’ll propose to actually make that happen.” That’s more of the same empty words Beto’s been offering in public since his loss to Cruz. “I don’t know where I am on a [political] spectrum, and I almost could care less,” he said at a recent stop in Wisconsin. “I just want to get to better things for this country.”

See? Beto is a man … and a white one at that. Guess that counts him out immediately.

Yeah! *shakes fist*

Does he?

You hear that Slate? You’ll rue the day!

Ain’t it great?

Yeah, chill.

Good to know Robert has the ‘horse hockey’ demographic all locked up.

This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN.


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