Robert Francis O’Rourke was texting folks last night letting them know he had decided to run for president and of course, that news made Twitter so it wasn’t exactly shocking when the only furry in the race (that we know of, the jury is still out on Cory Booker) announced he’s running for president.


Blah blah blah blah …

Did he really talk about slavery in today’s America?


Holy hand movements, Batman!

How hard do you think Trump will laugh when he sees this?

And how many binders do you think Amy Klobuchar will throw when SHE sees this?

Nah, he always looks like that.

It is shockingly long without saying much of anything. He talks a lot, uses a bunch of key phrases and ‘sexy words’ that will make Democrats’ hearts flutter, but he doesn’t ever really say anything. Sure, we have somewhat of an idea of what he thinks our country should look like but he doesn’t exactly tell us how he plans to make this happen.

Beto … err, sorry … Robert Francis O’Rourke does realize he’s trying to run against the guy who beat the guy he couldn’t beat, right?

Asking for a friend.

2020 is gonna be LIT. Better eat yer Wheaties and take your vitamins NOW, folks.