Ever since Trump released his 2020 budget proposal, Democrats have been pounding their chests and gnashing their teeth because he DARED to make cuts to their favorite bleeding-heart programs. NOT THE EPA! Heh.

They never seem to understand that spending is the issue, not the amount of tax revenue the government brings in. They are taxing us PLENTY, even with the GOP tax cuts that benefitted so many Americans.

Or maybe they do get it, but they also understand their base doesn’t. So why not play the, ‘Republicans hate the poor and only care about evil rich people who kick puppies and want to starve the orphans’ card?

Rep. Dan Crenshaw has had enough. Watch:

‘Let’s get some things straight’ … *dreamy sigh*

This guy MUST RUN for president at some point in his career. Seriously.

Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

He sure does.

For real.


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