Whenever a Democrat, progressive, and/or Lefty accuses someone of something, nine times out of 10 they are guilty of it themselves. And this couldn’t be more obvious in the case of Media Matters ‘president’ Angelo Carusone who has been targeting Tucker Carlson for comments he made a decade ago while on with a shock jock.

Because you know, shock jock radio should be super serious and not shocking at all.

Anywho, as Twitchy reported, seems ol’ Carusone has written several questionable and even anti-Semitic and or transphobic comments over the years, which Tucker Carlson took him to task for … if anyone ever deserved to be dragged it’s this guy.


The dig at Chris Hayes for having this yahoo on is also pretty damn good.

And wow, Angelo really seems to dislike Bangladeshis.

The media doesn’t care because he’s on ‘their side.’

When they tried to do this to Laura Ingraham her show went through the roof, and we’re going to guess the same will happen with Tucker’s. People like Angelo just don’t get it, silencing people you disagree with is not the way to win an argument.

But it is the way you piss a bunch of people off who will now tune in to Tucker’s show to spite him.



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