Over the weekend, Media Matters president Angelo Carusone mounted his white horse and led the charge to get Tucker Carlson fired over crude comments Carlson made years ago on a shock jock radio show. As it turns out, though, Carusone’s stunning and brave campaign may have just been a sad attempt to cover up his own offenses:

We’d post excerpts, but honestly, you just need to read the whole thing. The Daily Caller’s Peter J. Hasson dug up some very interesting details. Suffice it to say, Angelo Carusone is apparently a subscriber to Joy Reid’s newsletter.

Seriously, this is messed-up stuff.

That’s fair. But it doesn’t mean we need to let Carusone off the hook, either.


This was all just an exercise in weapons-grade projection.

Hey, Angelo’s rules, right?

Let’s just say we won’t be holding our breath.

We’ll leave you with this from David French:

Give it a read.

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