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Oh honey, NO! AOC claims Fox News is propaganda by mocking a LAW she clearly doesn't know actually exists

So we get what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was trying to do here, and that’s to make Devin Nunes look stupid for joking about straws being illegal in California. But …


It is the law. *shrug*

Not something Fox News has pushed as propaganda. It’s worth a Google.

From The San Diego Union-Tribune:

Welcome to 2019, the year in which full-service restaurants across California will no longer offer plastic straws to customers.

Eater named the “plastic straw ban” the biggest trend of 2018, and in many ways, the Golden State is leading the way on the issue. However, the new law is a little more complex than an outright ban so we’re here to remind you what the new law requires.

Assembly Bill 1884 prohibits full-service restaurants from providing single-use plastic straws unless they are requested. (you can read the law here)

Seems an odd tweet from ACO, eh? Making fun of Nunes over the straw ban to point out she wasn’t paid for the Netflix documentary? Alrighty then.



Liberals know all about passing stupid laws.

But you know, propaganda.


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