The Left has been after Tucker Carlson for a long, long time. Especially those yahoos at Media Matters who seem to have nothing better to do than listen to hours and hours of Tucker on a radio show from a DECADE ago. Apparently, they caught him using the c-word among other things and for that offense (from 10 YEARS AGO) they want him fired.

Not that any of these people watch Fox News or Tucker anyway, they just want to take him away from the people who do watch him because they’re small-minded, cranky, overly emotional, little rage monkeys. Tucker responded:

These same people circled the wagons around Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib (who actually wrote for Farrakhan’s newsletter), conveniently moved on when Northam got caught wearing blackface, seem to be ignoring the sexual assault accusations brought against Fairfax … and don’t even get us started on how they treated the Covington Catholic High School kids. Oh, and before any of them start yelling about WHATABOUTISM this is not that, this is calling out their hypocrisy.

Nothing more.

On that note, whatever their beef with Tucker, and whatever his comments might have been, boycotting Fox News over said comments a decade later makes no sense because he didn’t work there when he made them.

Gosh, where did he work then?

Oh, that’s right.

Meanwhile, the Left is claiming this is indicative of Fox News and Republicans because of misogyny or something.

Even though he was at MSNBC at the time.


Seriously, we guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Look at how they shrugged when Joy Reid’s blog surfaced with her gross homophobic comments that she blamed on time-traveling hackers. If anything these folks should be boycotting MSNBC … hey WAIT, maybe it was the same time-traveling hackers who made Tucker say those things!

We knew it.


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