Maybe Jennifer Rubin missed it, but Rep. Lee Zeldin voted against the sham of a hate resolution the Democrats put together because it did NOTHING to address the actual person making anti-Semitic comments … you know, the actual reason they were having this conversation in the first place.

She wants this Jewish Congressman ‘booted’ in 2020 because he didn’t support the watered-down nonsense that only served to circle the wagons around the anti-Semite in the room. You know, we’d say this is unreal but since it’s Jenn we’re talking about, sadly it’s absolutely expected.

Yikes. And we thought Tom Nichols was bad.

Ideological rigidity? What, wanting the actual anti-Semite named and held accountable? The MONSTER.

FFS, Jenn.

As did anyone who hasn’t lost their mind since Trump won in 2016.

The nerve!

We’re just shocked she didn’t somehow blame Trump for this.

The day is young yet …

And water is still wet.

Pathetic, ain’t it?


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