Sweet baby corn Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is horrible.

This editor has literally no words … you’ll have to watch AOC herself imply that Reagan was a racist and that America is garbage at SXSW.

WATCH (if you can stand it):

Nothing says unity like telling brown and black working class Americans that evil rich people are controlling the white working class Americans to destroy them all. Between Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism and AOC’s disdain for America, it’s clear the Democratic Party is turning into an anti-American cesspool.

But wait, there’s more.

America is garbage.

Someone explain to AOC she is more than welcome to GTFO if she doesn’t like it.


People elected this woman.

But go ahead, Democrats, tell us more about how disrespectful and horrible Donald Trump is.

Oh, and of course, once this footage made Twitter her defenders were out trying to pretend she didn’t mean what she said or that she was referring to something else. What next, will they expect us to believe she’s just too dumb to know any better?

Because in her case we might just believe them.

Umm … nope. We just literally watched the video.

This was horrible, even for her.

Perhaps she was concerned that Ilhan Omar was starting to steal her thunder as the most obnoxious new member of Congress so she upped her game a little. Or perhaps she really is just this dense and horrible.

Either way …


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