Jake Tapper seems displeased with the coverage he’s received from ‘Conservative publications’ about James Clapper ‘leaking’ to him.

Yeah. Not the best visual, we know.

And Tapper cited a WaPo article as his proof that Clapper didn’t leak to him.

Tapper. Clapper.

Yup, it’s Friday, this editor is starting to slowly lose her marbles. Pay no attention …

Tapper continued:

Those freakin’ Republicans! Everything is always their fault!

*shakes fist*

Since Tapper brought up The Federalist (but didn’t bother to tag them for some reason), Sean Davis replied:

Now, why wouldn’t WaPo include that tidbit?


He continued.

Why is Tapper giving Conservative publications a hard time if they’re just reporting on what Clapper said about leaking to him?

Ugh, there’s that leaking thing again.

Seems like Sean has receipts, Jake.


Blaming Republicans again.



Which is what Sean said up there.

But sure, let’s blame Conservative publications.


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