If the Left is still trying to figure out why 23 Republicans voted AGAINST that ridiculous sham of an anti-hate resolution the Democrats put forward this week, just send them this vile and disgusting cartoon by cartoonist, Eli Valley.

Eli appears to be attacking Meghan McCain for speaking out against anti-Semitism which makes zero sense but then again, when has a progressive made any sense whatsoever?


What Chad Felix Greene said.

Actually, Chad had an even better tweet:

It is rather stupid.

But you know, anything to dunk on those mean ol’ Republicans who keep calling anti-Semitism out.

What she said.

Ron Coleman chimed in:

As for being a ‘very bad person, there is some history here:

From The Times of Israel:

Virtually no person or subject is safe from cartoonist and satirist Eli Valley’s knifelike nib.

In cartoon after cartoon Valley fixes right-wing and conservative Jews in his inky sights. Sometimes for crowning themselves as the voice of the Diaspora community, sometimes for demanding nothing less than unconditional support for the Israeli government.

While there are cartoons satirizing left-wing and progressive Jews — for example there’s one about the BDS movement in London — they are fewer and farther between.

But Valley said that’s precisely the point of satire.

“The left is besieged. The left is not in power. Satirizing the powerless is not good satire,” the 47-year-old artist said.

See what we mean?

Democrats seem all too eager to sweep this under the rug because they can’t admit they’re too scared of their own base to do what’s right.

Sad, ain’t it.



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