The first rule of Twitter is this … don’t send dirty pictures to anyone.

The SECOND and more important rule of Twitter is don’t tweet something unless you’re willing to either stand by it, defend it, and or apologize for it later because tweets are FOREVER and even when you block people they can still see your tweets if they want to.

Like Jon Passantino with this editor who he seems to have blocked for no apparent reason, and yet here she is, writing about this embarrassing snafu between him and an actual scientist on Twitter.

Take a look.

We’re not sure he actually watched this before he started arguing with it …


Yeah yeah, Buzzfeed is gonna Buzzfeed.

Ryan Maue, you know, an actual scientist, called Jon out.

Seriously. Watch the clip.

No, he didn’t.

Not a bad idea.

That’s not a transcript … oh FFS.

But if he’s honest he can’t make fun of Trump and stuff!

Clutch those pearls, Jon.

ORANGE MAN BAD. That’s what.

Yes, it’s Ryan’s fault there are trolls in his feed.

These people.

Dude, we said it up there. ORANGE MAN BAD.

Buzzfeed. ‘Nuff said.

Poor baby. Twitter is hard!


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