Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to have a whole lot of ‘clapback’ for the 23 Republicans who voted no on the Democrats’ lame, watered-down, pathetic sham of a resolution condemning ‘bigotry’. Maybe she missed it but their efforts to circle the wagons around Ilhan Omar really and truly ruined any actions Democrats could have and should have taken against anti-Semitism but HEY, keep on pretending it’s the GOP who made a mistake here, AOC.

It lends so much to her credibility. *eye roll*

Wait … AOC made a fool of herself again? Must be a day that ends in ‘y’.

Rep. Lee Zeldin NUKED them all.

True story.

We wish people would stop holding back on Twitter.


She is.


‘Pompous Twit.’

That should be her new official title.


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