This speech from Rep. Lee Zeldin, who happens to be a Republican and a Jewish member of Congress, spit fire in his explanation for why he voted no on the Democrats’ silly resolution condemning hate. Of course, the media and the Left are already out there claiming the Republicans who voted no on the resolution support hate, deliberately missing the point on why they voted no.

Zeldin kicked a*s and took names.


Hot. Damn.

His points are all valid.

If Omar was a Republican her name would be in the resolution, it would specifically and aggressively target anti-Semitic comments, and she would have lost her committee seats. Since she’s a Democrat they watered it down to address all hate speech and completely ignored the REASON they have to do this in the first place. It was so meaningless that Omar herself voted FOR IT, which means zero consequences for her behavior. And zero change in it.

But hey, at least now Democrats can pretend Republicans oppose condemning hate speech.

Everything. Is. Stupid.

Bingo. Anti-Semitism doesn’t have a party. Well, the way Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are trying to find excuses for it maybe it does …

Total mic drop moment.


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