If there is any silver lining when it comes to the disaster that has been the Democrats winning the House, Tammy Bruce just nailed it.

Just. Wow.

From Fox News:

Omar has been condemned by members of both parties for alleged anti-Semitic comments during her time in Congress while addressing Israel.

Democrats had delayed a resolution Wednesday that would have denounced anti-Semitism. One is expected to be introduced Thursday, with one senior House Democratic source telling Fox News the anti-Semitism resolution is expected to be introduced and voted on, but said the text is still being finalized. Fox News is told the resolution is being drafted by Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin and Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond, both Democrats.

When someone shows you who they are BELIEVE THEM.

Especially when they’re a Democrat.

We actually do not envy Nancy Pelosi but we also do not feel sorry for her. The dinosaurs of the Democratic Party created this, they enabled it, and now they get to deal with it.

They can and they do.

All they had to do was not be crazy. Thank God they couldn’t even manage that.


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