Ok, full disclosure. We read (and write about) a lot of AOC’s tweets because as we’ve said before, she is a treasure trove of ‘Twitchery’. But even we had to read these couple of tweets from the Socialist Democrat superstar more than once to figure out what the heck she’s trying to do here.

And it looks like she’s claiming the system is anti-Semitic (and sexist, racist, Islamophobic, etc) and that it’s all linked together somehow.

So it’s like, not Ilhan Omar’s fault that she says anti-Semitic stuff … or something.


Raise your hand if you’re not sure you believe she actually wrote this tweet.

There’s more.

She liked this tweet so much she retweeted it …

Hey, to each their own. Granted, we usually make fun of people who retweet themselves BUT we don’t want her claiming we’re afraid of her or of being racist bigots feeding the evil system now do we?

On that note, seems some of her supporters weren’t exactly thrilled with her points.


Tough crowd.

We question their integrity every day, man, so we get it.



In other words, another AOC tweet.


Eh, wouldn’t hold your breath on this one.


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