WHOA. Whole Foods has started cutting their employees’ hours since the $15 minimum wage law was enacted?

Ya’ don’t say.

But gosh, Democrats keep telling us workers need a ‘living wage.’

From fastcompany.com:

One of the most common arguments against raising the minimum wage, like cities such as Seattle and San Francisco have done recently, is that if businesses are forced to pay workers more per hour, they’ll simply cut the amount of shifts they offer workers to keep their costs the same.

Workers at Whole Foods (which Amazon bought in 2017) told the Guardian that after Amazon enacted a $15 minimum wage last fall, they’ve seen their shifts cut dramatically. One employee in Illinois said they dropped from 30 hours a week to 20; their take-home pay actually declined after the hourly raise. These shift reductions have affected workers across the board, particularly part-time workers, who saw their hours reduced from 30 to 21 per week on average.

Employees losing hours when their wages are raised. Who could have foretold such a thing?

Color us shocked.

We couldn’t be more shocked if we woke up tomorrow morning with our heads sewn to the carpet.


Wait, does that work here?


Yes, it does.

Free unicorns and stuff.

If only.

Math is HARD, man!


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