Uh-oh, Vox is onto Mollie Hemingway.

She’s a Fox News contributor?! GET OUTTA HERE. We’ve only been watching Mollie on the network for months and months (years) … how could we have missed such a thing?!


HA! We love this response. Not only did she call Jane out for her silly tweet (that she did not bother to tag Mollie in), but she also used the tweet to push her appearance on Fox News tonight.

Talk about a happy accident.

Why? We’re not sure there’s really a conflict of interest considering the piece is about the GOP fighting the media as a reaction to the DNC cutting Fox News out of the equation. But hey, whatever floats her boat.

We feel shocked.

RIGHT?! We had no idea.

Oh, wait.

She certainly tried.

That’s what makes this so funny, she really thought she had a GOTCHA here.

And Mollie turned it into a win for herself.


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