While Democrats are busy patting themselves on the backs for doing something about bigotry in America, allow Kimberley Strassel to sum up what it is these people REALLY DID. And then, after you read her tweet, send it to any and every Democrat you see tweeting about how RAD they are for passing their sham resolution and shaming Republicans for voting against it.


Told ya’.

Kimberley nailed it.

Democrats did everything they possibly could to pretend one of their own isn’t why we’re having this conversation in the first place. If Omar were a Republican the resolution would be named AFTER her and it would only focus on what she said and did.

It’s just so sh*tty.

Oh yeah, they are DEFINITELY playing that card.

Their vapid base will buy into this. Meanwhile, it will be up to the ‘thinking’ people in the room to talk about what this resolution DIDN’T do.

That’s putting it nicely.

The sun came up today … freakin’ Trump.

He really should send them a thank you card.

He should send TWO to Rep. Ilham Omar herself.


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