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Someone's NERVOUS! AOC claims campaign finance accusations are a CONSPIRACY (then spreads a conspiracy theory herself)

Surely an elected official wouldn’t make a grandiose claim about someone paying off the judicial system to receive a shorter sentence, right? That would be completely irresponsible and ethically reprehensible …


Which is probably why it was AOC who actually did it.

Wow. Nice conspiracy, AOC.

After she tweeted this just an hour earlier.

Fascinating. So she’s spreading a conspiracy theory about Manafort’s sentencing while claiming the stories about her campaign finance issues are conspiracy theories. We can’t make this level of stupid up.



All good points. Why deflect?

*we have an idea why*

Her ability to scream conspiracy about her own issues while spreading a conspiracy about someone else makes her the perfect Democrat.


Sh*t just got REAL: Rep. Doug Collins released DOJ official Bruce Ohr’s testimony transcript to the public and WOW

OWN your words! Dana Loesch takes Ilhan Omar APART for her lame statement gloating on the even LAMER Dem resolution

She have a bowl of b*tchy for breakfast or WHAT?! AOC’s attempt to SHAME GOP for voting no on ‘hate resolution’ goes BADLY

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