Rep. Ilhan Omar completely missed the point of WHY we’re having this ‘difficult conversation,’ and her ridiculous statement with Rashida Tlaib on the sham of a resolution the Democrats put out there proves it.

Imagine taking the opportunity to address and condemn anti-Semitism and making it about ANYTHING but …

Omar and Tlaib are shameless and Nancy Pelosi and every Democrat and or Republican that voted for the resolution own this. There is ZERO consequence for their actions, their comments … it’s all just really shameful and insulting to the Jewish community in general.

Dana Loesch let Omar HAVE it.

Hot damn, y’all.

Let’s not pretend it matters. She got away with it and she’ll continue to get away with it because the dinosaurs on the Left empowered and enabled this group of legislators and now they can’t actually deal with them.

The circled the wagons and protected her.


And before you know it she’ll say something anti-Semitic again and we’ll be back to square one because they didn’t have the cojones to deal with one of their own being an anti-Semite BECAUSE some of their voters would be mad at them.

Imagine concerning yourself with the opinions and votes of actual anti-Semites.

That is what the Democratic party has become.


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