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'Voices in her head?' Brit Hume has a simple question for Rep. Ilhan Omar while she's ranting about how SHE'S the victim and BOOM

Rep. Ilhan Omar certainly seems to have a serious case of feeling sorry for herself these days. Perhaps if she’s so concerned with people calling her an anti-Semite she should stop saying anti-Semitic things.


Just a suggestion.

She was really on a roll about how she’s the victim in all of this (she wrote an entire thread we will not bore you with) but this particular tweet got the attention of Brite Hume.

She’s told that, every day?


Brit had a simple, short question for the newish representative about this point.

All of those evil rich white dudes, duh.

Or would it be the Right-controlled media?

Or, you know who it probably was? The Russians.




It really is.

We knew it!


It’s for the LITTLE PEOPLE! AOC’s defense after being called a hypocrite for expensive and wasteful lifestyle is ALL FAIL

Actual conservatism? YEAH no. Jerry Dunleavy takes Tom Nichols’ stances and his ‘whole schtick’ apart in merciless thread

Wait, is he SERIOUS?! Dan Bongino drops a massive ‘bye now’ on Montel Williams after he tweeted some EPIC stupid his way

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