Montel Williams took it upon himself to defend Molly Jong-Fast from Dan Bongino who was understandably angry with her for making fun of John Batchelor who has cancer. Granted, she did delete the tweet making fun of the way Batchelor looked but she didn’t exactly apologize for it.

Which is why we’re guessing Dan was angry.

The irony of her making fun of people blocking and or unblocking her when we’ve seen several tweets from people claiming she has blocked them is thick.

Take, for example, this editor who was blocked looooong ago.

Why would he unblock her?

It was pretty bad.

But what should we expect when a supposed conservative outlet sends a token liberal into a conservative conference?

Montel also has this editor blocked.

Just sayin’.

And why the heck is he signing his tweets?

You know what, don’t answer that.

Dan responded.

We sorta snickered too.

Umm … did Montel really just call Dan the token black guy on Fox?

Please tell us he didn’t.

He did.


And about that apology, probably not happening anytime soon.

What’s a ‘touch guy’?

Asking for a friend.

And there’s the ‘bye now.’

Shockingly, Montel has not deleted his tweet calling Dan a ‘token black man’ … perhaps it’s just the ones where he accuses certain women of working corners he chooses to delete.


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