You know it’s bad when even David Axelrod is asking Elizabeth Warren about why she ‘checked those boxes’ claiming Native American heritage. Truth be told, watching this short video of Axelrod interviewing her actually made this editor physically cringe.

It’s really that bad.

Watch, if you can stand it.

See?! If she mentioned she loves her family one more time this editor was going to toss her monitor out of the window. So it’s her family’s fault that she lied about her heritage? Yeah, that’s a winning message, Liz, go with that.



Oh, is that what that is?

We thought she was trying to send smoke signals from under the desk … IT’S A JOKE, CALM DOWN.

She lied and took advantage of programs that were put in place to help a minority population but she only did it because she loved her family so that makes it ok or something.

Since it’s Sunday we’ll use the tweet that equates to a dad joke. What the heck.

Not really.

Ohhhh, that’s right!

Our bad.


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