Vox’s Aaron Rupar has made a habit of deliberately misquoting Conservatives at CPAC to fuel his silly little narrative. For example, if he really thought Sen. Ted Cruz was serious about Democrats killing the cows his sense of humor may well be missing.

Well, he works for Vox so that really goes without saying.


He’s laughing.

The audience is laughing.

Granted, the Green New Deal is some funny sh*t but we’re pretty sure Cruz wasn’t being entirely serious here. The PETA part of his statement is what makes it funny …

But that didn’t stop ol’ AOC from getting her britches all bunched up.

The only one saying ridiculous things about cows is AOC, but we digress.

And sorry if the truth hurts.

So maybe he was serious and their idea is just that stupid it sounds like a joke.

Either way, ROFL.

This editor would like to think farting cows would be welcome on Fantasy Island.

Sidenote, this tweet is what inspired the #OcasioCortezChildrensBooks tag ...

She’s trying to save face and can’t deal with the fact that her own serious Green New Deal is the biggest joke of all.


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