If ‘The Bulwark’ was trying to make an impression at this year’s CPAC they succeeded. Granted, it wasn’t what we’d call a great impression but people definitely noticed they were there.

Or at least people noticed the petty, snide, pro-choicer they chose to send and mock the movement was there.

Alexandra DeSanctis explained conservative’s anger at ‘The Bulwark’ over their stunt perhaps best of all:


This isn’t rocket science, folks.

Double bingo.

Is that a thing?

Anyway, for whatever reason, Tom Nichols decided he had to add in his two cents:




Alexandra held her own (and then some).

Take a hint, pal.

But he didn’t.

Is it just our imagination or does anyone defending ‘The Bulwark’ keep deliberately missing the points people are making about why it was screwed up to do what they did?

Alexandra continued:

Walk away, man.


She had some support …

Ok, so it’s not just us who keeps seeing Bulwark white knights arguing points nobody is making to avoid discussing the real issue.

Shew, thank goodness. For a minute there we thought maybe we were taking too many crazy pills.

And THAT’S that.

Hot damn, y’all.


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