Jerry Dunleavy took it upon himself to write a fairly merciless thread about Tom Nichols and his various stances asking people on Twitter to decide for themselves whether or not what we’re seeing from him is actual conservatism.

Hey, Jerry let others decide for themselves …

Whoa boy. Here we go.

Gosh, we always thought being pro-life and wanting to put an end to abortion on demand was a fairly important conservative principle, but hey, what do we know?

If we didn’t see Tom’s avatar on these tweets we’d think most of these were from Shannon Watts.

True Conservative.

Alrighty then.

Again, we’re hardly the experts in the room, but this tweet makes Tom look sorta fiscally liberal as well.


This doesn’t look good.

At least he got the ‘couldn’t care less’ thing right. Right?



With more cats.

We didn’t say it.

We included it.

We laughed at it.

But we didn’t say it.

And surely once he saw all of these tweets and positions put together in one thread it gave Tom pause.


Oh nice, the screenshot tactic.


Young people.


Under the influence of a demon? K.

Yes, Tom, HE’S the one blundering around the dark.


Nothing makes people want to read your work like crapping all over them so you can pretend to be the smartest guy in the room, right?


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