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'This is your slogan, my dude.' RedSteeze calls The Bulwark OUT for sending pro-choice lib to 'own the cons' at CPAC

You know what will REALLY get conservatives to read a so-called conservative site? Crapping on them and their beliefs (especially that scary pro-life thing) to own them at CPAC.


Way to go low, Bulwark.

If you are part of a conservative website that trashes and condescends to conservatives who have a problem with you mocking their movement, YOU’RE the problem.


We’d expect to see this nonsense on Buzzfeed, or even Mediaite, but on The Bulwark, where they’re supposedly conserving conservatism? Wow.

It’s edgy and fun to be d*cks to conservatives at their big conference.

Or something.


It’s one thing to clown on CPAC, it’s quite another to attack the pro-life movement and punch right while doing it.

Sorry, all we really ‘hear’ when we read his tweets is the sound effect ‘Peanuts’ when adults talked.

We’re not surprised he doesn’t have an answer for that.

Her opinion? Well gosh, someone get her a medal.



Yeah, my dude.



That’ll show Trump!

And there is the real kicker.

My dude.


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