Andy Ngo has been on a roll covering the ridiculous number of fake hate crimes that have taken place since Trump became president in 2016. The lengths the Left has been willing to go in order to prove that ORANGE MAN BAD is shocking. Heck, look at what Jussie Smollett did.

You guys remember him, right? He’s conveniently disappeared from the media but still.

This time around Andy pressed a Portland outlet on how they verified a story about a ‘brutal gay bashing’ story written in 2016 and the jouno’s and editor’s reactions are … interesting.

Take a look.

‘I’m not interested in discussing this with you.’


Why not?

A news editor responded as well.

Thanks. Dude is a class act, true story.

Asking them to verify a story they wrote about a brutal gay bashing is reactionary narrative.

Alrighty then.

We’re actually pretty shocked and that doesn’t happen all that often anymore.


Sounds like someone might have made something up for taps and clicks …

Oh, and that account Andy tagged in? That’s the editor of the paper and as far as we can tell he hasn’t bothered to respond.

Absolute shame indeed.

Unless they’re full of crap.

Something like that.


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