Rep. Ilhan Omar would be better off just admitting she has issues with the Jewish people than pretending that her anti-Semitic comments aren’t anti-Semitic on purpose. It just feels like a cycle of disingenuous wagon-circling with the media every time she says something stupid.

Don’t be mean to her, she didn’t know it was anti-Semitic to imply the Jews are buying the Republican Party!

It’s like they think she’s ignorant of what she’s saying …

And truth be told, we aren’t buying that she doesn’t know any better or that she can’t help herself.

There are no ‘oopsies’ here.

Ben Shapiro went OFF:

We wish we could say we are shocked by the way the media is covering her anti-Semitism but at the end of the day, they’d rather pretend she’s just ‘stupid and sad’ than evil and anti-Semitic. Narrative ya’ know.

Spot freakin’ on.

And she knows she can get away with it because ORANGE MAN BAD and the Left and the media (same thing) will do their part to protect her. Why would she stop spewing her anti-Semitic garbage which she MEANS when she knows she can get away with it?

No, what’s actually SAD here is how the media covers (for) her.


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