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'Were they dangling out a 5th-floor window'? Sen. Amy Klobuchar's former staff write letters defending her and ROFL

After a rough couple of weeks where Democrat presidential candidate wannabe Senator Amy Klobuchar was accused of throwing a binder at one staffer and forcing another staffer to clean salad out of her comb (that was a doozy, RIGHT?), 60 FORMER staffers wrote letters defending her.


Because you know, since they survived working for her we should listen to them or something.

From The Hill:

More than 60 former staffers of Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) have defended the senator as a “mentor and a friend” in response to news reports that she has mistreated her staff over the years.

The staffers came to Klobuchar’s defense in a letter posted to Medium on Sunday. The staffers wrote that some of them were among those contacted by The New York Times and other outlets but that their “positive” experiences were not fully reported.

“We do not believe these reports adequately describe our thoughts on Amy Klobuchar, many of which we shared with the authors,” they wrote in the letter, which is addressed to editors at the media outlets that published the stories on Klobuchar’s alleged mistreatment of her staff.

Did they write these letters of support before or AFTER they cleaned salad out of her comb? Asking for a friend.

‘And she was not threatening to throw a binder at my head while I wrote this.’


If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a binder.


Don’t make her ask twice, right?



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