Senator John Cornyn quoted Mussolini a couple of days ago to slam socialism.

Only a total idiot would think this was anything other than a tweet blasting socialism … which is probably why the Left lost their GD minds over it. Especially ‘She Guevara’:

It’s like she WANTS us to make fun of her. Seriously.

We’ve mentioned before that she has to be a GOP plant because wow, she is truly the gift that keeps on giving for Republicans.

And speaking of a gift to Republicans, Rep. Dan Crenshaw dropped a little knowledge on the topic.

Granted, Dan is probably subtweeting every idiot Leftist out there shrieking about Conryn’s tweet but we REALLY hope this was a subtweet for Alex from the Bronx.

Yes, YES, this editor is totally immature.


Crenshaw/Haley 2024


And of course, the Left still missed the point. History that has not been revised for their narrative is never their favorite topic:


It must be exhausting to be this angry and WRONG all of the time.



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