Nothing says Democrats believe health care is a right like a bunch of these yahoos in the Senate voting AGAINST a bill that would protect babies who are born alive after a botched abortion. Ugh, even writing that out is really and truly awful.

Imagine being so owned by the abortion industry that you vote AGAINST a law that would make sure a clearly living human being is kept alive IF an attempt to kill them the first time fails.

Again, writing that is just awful … we can’t imagine voting this way.

Brit Hume nailed it.

Dems, we see you.

We all see you and the ridiculous and extreme lengths you will go to in order to keep those pro-abortion dollars flowing to your campaigns.

And that’s why the pro-life movement is actually GAINING steam.


Well, that and pretending that this is any way keeps women from having an abortion? Just gross.


Sad, right? They’ve spent DECADES dehumanizing the ‘fetus’ stage of life so they can pretend abortion isn’t murder.

This could actually be their 2020 agenda.


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